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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Posted on 12:57 PM by Metropolitan

Most men who are starting to shed some hair become frustrated at the prospects of becoming bald, however, if approached from the right angle, going bald can actually be badass. Style is all about confidence, and don’t let your head get in the way of being the confident gentleman that you are. We are going to show you some styles that will take care of the headache.

Thinning Hair

Shaggy Layers
You may not have to go entirely short if your hair is thinning up top, you can instead opt for a layered shaggy look to create that great out of bed style that women desire. Camouflage your thinning hair by working the hair towards the front to give it that intentional dishevelled look.
 Actor Ryan Reynolds illustrates the messy out of bed look

Crew Cut
If the thinning has become considerable, consider getting a military style crew cut. The crew cut is perfect for males with thinning hair because it helps to blend in your thinning hair with the rest of your hair.
 Bono from the rockband U2 demonstrates the crew cut

Bald Spot
Some men have sufficient amount of hair all over their head, except at the crown, and if this is an issue check out these hairstyles.

Buzz Cut
The perfect example to emulate for this iconic hairstyle is actor Jason Statham who has sported this tough guy hairstyle ever since he hit the big screen. A gradual fade towards the bald spot will help to give you that hot bad boy look that women crave.
 Women can't resist the badboy look
Close Shave
If your bald spot starts to become significantly worse, it may be time to reach for the clippers and take it all off with a close shave to give you that sleek silhouette. 
 Musician Seal with his supermodel wife Heidi Klum

Receding Hairline

Textured Crop
If you have a receding hairline, the best solution is to go for a textured crop like that of actor Jude Law. The receding hairline is blended in with layering in order to create a modern look.
 Actor Jude Law with his famous textured crop
We’d love to hear from you, let us know about your experiences with balding, and how you have coped with it. Leave your comments in the comments section below!

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